Flatwater Spirit Studios

About Lynn Griffis

Hi, I am Lynn Griffis of Flatwater Spirit Studios, a mixed glasswork artist. I am driven by legacy. I collect and design many legacy pieces of glass, lapidary, cabochons art, etc.

Why Glass Art?

For me, glass is a metaphor for life. It is fragile and strong, dynamic, enduring and alive. I feel that with glass, just as in life, there is an illusion of control. But there is little certainty within vast amounts of potential.

My Personality

It's important to me that people understand my intentions and my work. Every piece of art is designed from inspiration and has an intention behind it. I make sure the buyer or exhibitor understands the piece before they choose. After that, it is their artwork that they can utilize it anyway.

I get inspired by the fact that - You strive for perfection and learn to accept the unexpected as compelling creative transformation.

So, art pieces are perfect when they are pure and natural. This holds true, especially for lapidary related arts.