Flatwater Spirit

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About the Artist Lynn M. Griffis is a farmer’s daughter from...
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Welcome to Flatwater Spirit Studio

I have loved glass for as long as I can remember. As a small child I was mesmerized and transported by the dancing colors in the stained glass windows in our church.

For me, glass is a metaphor for life...it is fragile and strong, dynamic, enduring and alive. It’s richly colored  components of a wellspring of sacred creative vision and hope.

Just as glass begins as fragments containing sand transformed through fire into a rigid liquid cooled into a polished wholeness, we humans also experience a similar healing metamorphosis through the ancient and sacred life journey of fracture, fire and faith. And, with glass, as in life, there is an illusion of control but little certainty within vast amounts of potential. You strive for perfection… and learn to accept the unexpected as compelling creative transformation.

Handcrafting glass art is my deep prayer for spiritual healing, connection, wholeness and the reclamation of joy through life’s fires.

Lynn M. Griffis, M. Div., M.A.
Mixed-Media Glass Artist
FlatwaterSpirit Studio, LLC

2004 - 2008 Lynn M. Griffis and FlatwaterSpirit Studio and Gallery, LLC All Rights Reserved

No images or text may be reproduced without permission. 



"I had the opportunity to see Lynn Griffis' work and was so impressed that I commissioned her to create a piece as an anniversary gift for my husband.  Lynn spent a great deal of time understanding what I wanted and then made several suggestions that really enhanced the project.  The piece she created is beautiful and unique and became an immediate heirloom in our family.  Lynn doesn't just fuse glass, she infuses it with great emotion that a viewer cannot help but be drawn to.  Lynn's work will make you stop breathing the first time you see it!"
Margaret Morford

About the Artist

Sample image

Lynn M. Griffis is a farmer’s daughter from a small Nebraska town. She currently resides in Lexington, KY. Her previous career was in training, marketing, public relations, environmental water education and ministry. Although Lynn began her glass art career with stained glass, her passion and most recent training is in kiln-formed and cold-worked glass art.   Read more...

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